The Mommy Diaries


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The Mommy Diaries: How to tackle tough topics to raise kids with courage and character

Parenting is not for sissies! And once you’ve survived the spit up, the sleepless nights and the nappy changes (oh my goodness so many nappy changes!) you think you’ve survived it all. Until you suddenly find yourself with a pre-teen or teen in the house!

A child who needs help navigating the internet and social media, bullies, failure, the opposite sex and a landscape of social issues that didn’t even exist when you were a kid! That is when you realise that you, the parent, is the one who actually needs help if you want to equip your child to face those issues and so much more with courage and character. This book will help you be intentional about having those important conversations.

As a value based response to issues and events in the world and social and emotional challenges today’s parents and kids face, the book focuses on equipping parents to develop in their kids a firm foundation of the kind of faith and values that might nowadays be considered rare, such as integrity, courage, kindness, resilience, gratitude and more.

Get the kindle version of ‘The Mommy Diaries‘ on Amazon.

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