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I have a friend that everything comes easy for. Doesn’t everyone? That one girl who just (looks like she) breezes Read more
It was one of those typical "gym bunny" T-shirts. It read: It doesn't get easier, you just get stronger. It Read more
I can’t wait to talk to my sons about girls, sex, dating - said no mom ever! I know, I Read more
Do you sometimes just feel a bit "at sea" spiritually? We might be calling out to God for a particular Read more
My youngest asks allot of questions. His quirky, inquisitive randomness is a great insight into how his 9 year old Read more
When did ordinary become a bad word? Was it when social media started making even a grilled-cheese-sandwich dinner look "extra"ordinary? Read more
For me, it usually starts with an overly ambitious to-do list and the Sunday night blues. My approach to the Read more
Do you give to beggars? We pass 7 traffic lights between our house and school, and 7 beggars, 8 if Read more
There are more than 3 things. Obviously. Like, that a certain time of the day - the time that was Read more
(or lost or frazzled or disorganized or distracted or overwhelmed..basically, if you're a modern-day woman) I get it! I am Read more
Most of the time I am winging it as a mom. Most of the time I am inept to deal Read more
Does this ever happen to you? You sit down for your quiet time (yes, you've managed to hit the snooze Read more