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I have a friend that everything comes easy for. Doesn’t everyone? That one girl who just (looks like she) breezes Read more
It was one of those typical "gym bunny" T-shirts. It read: It doesn't get easier, you just get stronger. It Read more
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For me, it usually starts with an overly ambitious to-do list and the Sunday night blues. My approach to the Read more
Do you give to beggars? We pass 7 traffic lights between our house and school, and 7 beggars, 8 if Read more
There are more than 3 things. Obviously. Like, that a certain time of the day - the time that was Read more
(or lost or frazzled or disorganized or distracted or overwhelmed..basically, if you're a modern-day woman) I get it! I am Read more
Most of the time I am winging it as a mom. Most of the time I am inept to deal Read more
Does this ever happen to you? You sit down for your quiet time (yes, you've managed to hit the snooze Read more
I come from a family of teachers. Being a mom of schoolgoing boys and being a daughter/ daughter in law/ Read more
This time of year we normally take our big holiday. It’s a time of big family gatherings, big meals, big Read more
"What about my quiet times?" Three times in the last 2 weeks. That's how many times I was asked this Read more
I wasn't too keen on writing this post. It was actually a request from a friend. I usually try to Read more
I received so much reaction to last week's post about how to help our kids deal with rejection, with an outcry Read more
He walks up to meet me after school, feet dragging, face hanging. A hard day, a hurting day. At first Read more
Jip, one month to go and then I would've gone 10 months without indulging my serious fashion fetish. I feel Read more
I read an article recently about a plus-size vlogger who put some body shamers in their place after they berated Read more
Teaching kids about prayer in times of uncertainty In this year we have faced trauma at school, family members threatened Read more
And how to truly connect when things are crazy! I didn't really want to write this blog if I'm honest. Read more
The sobering news about having kids is in the realization that you are not as in control as you thought Read more
God calls us to relate to peace as something we already have, not something we have to “get to” or Read more
Holidays with family always sound nicer on paper than they are in real life. There, I said it! It’s all Read more
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The wierdest thing happened to me last year. I got one, singular, black hair on my chin. I am not Read more
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