Kona Brown

I am an earnest blogger, enthusiastic exerciser, shower singer, persistent prayer, fashion fanatic and closet artist. I am at my happiest when my kids are reading books and I am traveling to inspire women to find meaning in the mundane, the everyday, the list making and juggling and rushing and masterminding, parenting and adulting and often utter madness of everyday life and how to live and thrive in those places with greater grace, revelations and enthusiasm.

What I told my kids about Covid19 – 7 Keys to help them cope

The undercurrent of anxiety that is now part of our homes affects all of us in different ways, even our kids. Their stress might not look like ours does, like too much coffee and too little sleep, or too many hours escaping in Netflix, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Kids become unmotivated, discouraged and younger kids even regress due to stress. Have you seen any of that happen at home?Here are some helpful focus points in shepherding our kids through this season.

What every believer should know about the Coronavirus Pandemic

There is always more going on than just what we can see. We are holistic beings and our experiences and our walk through this world always have physical, emotional and spiritual components. God is uniquely involved in the lives of His children so nothing that happens to us just “is what it is”. We walk by a different light and it is because of that that we are called to walk circumspectly (Eph 5 v 15 – 21), always looking for and trying to understand the will of God, because the times we live in call for it.

What I told my kids about prayer

Teaching kids about prayer in times of uncertainty In this year we have faced trauma at school, family members threatened by a dire drought, and now, Covid 19, it’s effects reaching into every corner of everything we do, have, own, trust in. Never before has it been more important to be able to pray. And …

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5 Ways to pray for your child in the new school year

The sobering news about having kids is in the realization that you are not as in control as you thought you were. And few seasons in life attune us to this reality like sending our kid off to school. There our child encounters a thousand situations, relations, temptations that we will not even be present …

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