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Here I will be a HOPEFUL VOICE in a world where hope is scarce.

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Mommy Diaries

Parenting Book

A book offering parenting advice. Do you want to be a more intentional parent?

Does your child need help navigating the internet and social media, bullies, failure, the opposite sex and a landscape of social issues that didn’t even exist when you were a kid? Do you want to equip your child to face those issues and so much more with courage and character?

I did! That’s why I wrote this book, especially to help you have those hard conversations and use those everyday moments to empower your kids to live the life God called them to!

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Mommy Diaries

I have learnt so much reading your book and blog! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me and for helping me be a better mom in this crazy busy world. Your advise is practical and it’s helped me invest in my kids in a way I wouldn’t have been able to do on my own.
Nina van Rensburg
I recently ordered Kona's book (The Mommy Diaries) and can highly recommend it! She honestly answers so many questions I battled with myself....the tips/guidance and ideas given are just great! It is super easy to order on Amazon if you prefer an e-copy. Thanks Kona!
Irene-marie Esser

Bible Study


Learn how with these 8 simple steps and a user-friendly template to help you get serious about studying God’s word!

Verse Mapping

A powerful way of studying scripture, where uncovering the historical context, theological framework and transliteration in the Bible will help you discover more of who God is and how he is speaking to you! Learn how with these 8 simple steps PLUS a user-friendly template will help you get serious about studying God’s word!

Dwell: 5 days to better bible study

Dwell Bible Study

Learn to become at home in the Word so the Word can be at home in you!

Are you tired of a surface level journey with Jesus? Are you tired of feeling like the overcoming power of Christ is seemingly just out of reach in your personal life? Are you ready to go deeper?
Now more than ever we need to be able to hear from Christ in our circumstances. Directly and relevantly. If you need help with that, sign up for Dwell, my simple 5 day course that will equip you to study God's word better and deeper

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